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  Our real time business directory of B2B contacts and emails gives you the insight you need to close more deals.  Our insight into key trigger events deliver the right person at the right time.

Increase lead conversion by 25% with our cloud based PRM (Prospect Relationship Management) software!

We identify over 4 Billion Dollars in purchases before they select a vendor

commercial realtor in Fairfield Connecticut purchased Insight Sales Leads and secured over 10 appointments with qualified prospects from his first purchase.  He was surprised at the accuracy and timeliness of the information.  Our information supplemented their information with actionable data. 

"Just one extra deal will pay for the program for years to come.  I have been working this territory for years, without Wendover we would not have had this activity"                                                                                                              

We have identified over 4 billion SF in transactions since 1988

Wendover Corp

Our lead nurturing software can increase lead conversion by 50%.  Integrate our PRM with your CRM easily and quickly.  Or just use the PRM as a lead gateway.  Either way the choice is yours.

Business Directory of over 1, 000, 0000 of the top businesses in the UK, Canada and the US. We provide company, name address, phone number, number of employees, website and more.  We have over 200,000 emails of key decision makers and influencers.

How do we get the information?  We make over 2,000,000 cold calls annually to keep the information fresh.  We constantly interview these companies to identify key pending events such as growth, relocations and expansions.  We are identifying new contacts every day.

Not Just a Business Directory Why purchase just, "sales leads" when you can have actionable data.  We will identify over 100,000 lease expirations, moves and expansions this year.  This information has helped Realtors, Office Furniture, Leasing Companies, Construction Companies, Telephone Companies and many more industries get a competitive advantage that allows them to close more deals

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